The best hotel in Cancun near the airport

So, you are stopping over in Cancun and need a hotel to spend the night? Look no further! In this post, we are about to present to you your best option so that you have a restful sleep and are ready to board your next flight.

However, before revealing the secret, we would like to talk a little about the main features that travelers look for in hotels near the airport

Although it may sound somewhat obvious, this characteristic is often underestimated and omitted. Therefore, we enter it in this list. At the end of the day, what a traveler is looking for is a comfortable place to spend the night and where they can get a bed as quickly as possible. Just imagine! If we already must be documenting the next flight at 7:00 a.m. and we arrive at 11 p.m., the least desired is to waste valuable minutes of sleep, in the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

So, considering the above, it is worth saying that an ideal hotel will be one that is 15 minutes or less from the airport. In this way, not only can you enjoy a few more minutes in a super comfortable bed, but you can also get to the airport more easily and with less risk of any incident or setback happening.

Another feature that travelers look for in a hotel near the airport is that its facilities and beds are extremely comfortable. In this way, they will guarantee that the few or many hours of sleep they may have are really rest. We all know how uncomfortable it is to spend a long time on a plane and that when you get ashore all you want is a good night's sleep.

In this sense, we can recommend you look at the reviews both in Google Maps as in TripAdvisor of the hotel where you want to stay. There, those who have stayed will tell you out loud all the details of the hotel.

As you know, night scales are often the busiest. Although it seems that you have more time, the truth is that they always leave you feeling rushed. For this reason, travelers look for hotels near the airport to have specific services to make life easier for them; from a restaurant or snack bar open 24 hours, to the laundry service and bussiness center. Everything imaginable so that, regardless of whether the guest wants to sleep, follow up on work at the office or even wash a garment; possible in those brief hours that he will be on the ground.

Breakfast included
Even if it is something as simple as coffee, juice and fruit; Another widely desired feature in a hotel near the airport is that the room includes breakfast. This way, you won't waste time looking for where to eat before heading to board the plane.

Airport shuttle
The last of the advantages sought in this type of hotels is that they have direct connections with the airport. Whether it's a shuttle, a transfer, taxis or even Uber; any way to connect with it will be widely appreciated. Thus, in the blink of an eye, you can be entering your departure lounge.

As you have read, there are some characteristics that must be observed before booking a hotel near the airport and, even more, when this airport is Cancun. While this has all kinds of services, it is also one of the busiest in Mexico and Latin America, which is why you will not want to stay far away.

In this sense, our best recommendation to stay near Cancun International Airport is Hive Smart Hotel & Shopping.

Located a few minutes from the airport, this hotel has all the services that a traveler who will spend the night in Cancun could want. From the most comfortable beds in the whole city to the possibility of being in the documentation room in less than 15 minutes. Also, this hotel has all kinds of amenities that will help travelers make their stopover easier such as 24-hour room service, refrigerator and coffee maker in the room and high-speed internet throughout the hotel.

In this way, whether you use the night to sleep and prepare for your next flight or to get rid of the to-dos you could have, Hive Smart Hotel & Shopping will be a great alternative.

If you want to know more information about the services that Hive offers, you can continue navigating to our rooms; or if you want to make a reservation, you can click here to go to our reservation center.

We hope that soon we can welcome you at Hive Smart Hotel & Shopping and wish you a good trip!